Social Innovation Strategies
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We help people start high-octane, mission-grounded social enterprises. And we help foundations fund them.

A different kind of possibility.

By using nontraditional (for-profit) models and tools where they work, we believe the best and brightest change-driven minds are freed from the restraints typically found in the social sector—which frees them to focus on what’s important. To implement a much broader and more powerful range of strategies. To make lives better (on all sides of the equation). And maybe even solve a few of the world’s problems along the way.

How we do it

We know you’ve got big, bold ideas for the world, and we understand the best strategy for the biggest impact may not be with a traditional nonprofit. If there’s a way to turn your passion for change into a non-nonprofit social business, we’ll help you craft it.

If the best way to launch your idea is forming an entity, we’ll help you pick the right one (traditional or social enterprise specific!), form it for you, and get you all set up with documents and best practices so you can tackle the world.

Where it makes sense (based on things like a proven business model and a steady revenue stream), we convert nonprofit entities to for-profit ones—without changing a single thing about the mission.

Funding for for-profit social enterprises can be hard to come by. Program-related investments change the game. We connect forward-thinking foundations that want to provide grant money as seed and growth capital, with social enterprises that need it, and facilitate the transactions seamlessly and worry-free.


"Nicole is one of the most dedicated and diligent professionals in her field. The amount of time and passion she has put into furthering my cause has been immeasurable. With Nicole's knowledge and contacts I have been able to turn an idea into an action. I can't thank Nicole enough for her hours of endless dedication. She is a true asset to the social enterprise business model."

- Katrell Christie, Founder and CEO of The Learning Tea, and author of Tiger Heart


"Nicole was an invaluable advisor when Broadgreen was just getting started. She acts as a strategist for social entrepreneurs and leverages her legal background in unique areas of the law. We quite literally could not find anyone else with her unique combination of skills. When we were looking to start a benefit corporation, she was the first person who really 'got it' and helped us to turn our vision into a reality."

- Mike Morris, Founder and CEO of Broadgreen Solutions


"We reached out to Nicole when we were looking for an expert on social enterprises. We were particularly impressed by her depth of knowledge on program-related investments, from both a practical and legal perspective. She is the go-to person for all things PRI's."

- Brian Haghighi, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of The California Fruit Wine Co., and Pioneer of Social Value Enterprise model for business