Idea-Stage Consulting - Social Innovation Strategies
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Idea-Stage Consulting

Create something new

What’s your calling?

The Heart of the Matter

Big ideas call for big (and sometimes new, sometimes even feather-ruffling) strategies. This may mean foregoing the traditional nonprofit model in favor of a nontraditional model with greater potential for large-scale social impact.

Untapped Potential

Enthusiasm and support for the concept of for-profit social change is snowballing—with more consumers and funders wanting to get in on the action than ever before. Surprisingly enough, though, new and innovative (key words here) viable social enterprises aren’t making their way into the limelight in huge numbers.

Don’t get it twisted. It’s not because there aren’t enough great ideas out there.

It’s because the right information and resources aren’t making it to social innovators ready to take the leap from the old way of thinking (“I have to start a nonprofit to make change”) to the new way of thinking (“Maybe there’s a better way”).

We’re here to fill that gap.

Our goal is to help social innovators translate their ideas into action—in effect, creating LOTS of for-profit social enterprises that exist to serve causes (think entities created to target a social problem, whose main activities are focused on that goal, rather than offering a social benefit as a side component of the business).

Let us be clear, though.

We’re not saying this is the right path for everyone.
Because it’s not.

And we’re certainly not suggesting every nonprofit close their doors and re-open as a for-profit. Simply because it wouldn’t work (we’re not that bigheaded, people).

The Social Edge

For those ideas this approach does work for—and for the social innovators looking to put a much bigger dent in a social problem—for-profit models (or non-nonprofit, as we like to call them) are the way to go.

Why? You can do a lot more, with a lot more flexibility (read: a much bigger social bang for your buck). By choosing to be free of the nonprofit rules that come hand-in-hand with the all-too-often glorified tax-exempt status, you can create a culture where innovation and high performance are incentivized, and where your continued existence isn’t reliant on chasing donors for money (which, if you’ve done it, you know can be a pretty time-consuming, energy-draining endeavor). No more fighting to “win” tax-immunity, only to later realize you’re stuck with a tangled web of restrictions—restrictions that ultimately will limit your growth and your vision.

We want to give people a new framework for thinking about solving social problems and pursuing social changemaking in all its forms.

What We Do

We’re your one stop shop for expert social enterprise advice. Regardless of the sector your idea falls into—education, poverty, health, environment, access to technology, just to name a few—we can help you determine if a for-profit model will work for you (and if a nonprofit winds up being a better idea, we’ll let you know that too).

First we’ll get to know a little about you and your background, and we’ll brainstorm and shoot around ideas with you if that strikes your fancy before getting down to the meat-and-potatoes strategizing.

Our process generally includes some or all of the following:

  • Walking you through various social enterprise components that may work for your idea
  • Informing you of legal and practical implications of forming as a for-profit instead of a nonprofit
  • Helping you hone in on a business model (read: how you make money) that works best for your idea (Fun fact: There are actually hundreds of social enterprise business models in use around the world!)
  • Discussing the benefits and drawbacks of each type of entity option based on your specific needs, including B Corp certification
  • Exploring social enterprise-specific funding strategies that may be available

We have years of experience both in ground level social change work and in law, and have built a network of people all over the world working in the field to offer additional flavor and insight to our work when needed.

Since we are passionate about driving for-profit, mission-first social enterprise, we want to make our idea-stage consulting service accessible to everyone and every idea that may benefit from our expertise. We keep our prices under market to ensure that social innovators have an affordable way to get the ball rolling.

Book Some Time

Sometimes You Gotta Jump

Who knows—your combined passion + idea could be the next big (world-changing) thing.

What’s have you always wanted to do that you thought might really make a difference in the world? What’s your SOUL ambition?

Come talk to us. We’d love to help you figure out how to make it a self-sustaining reality.

Sure, there will be people that don’t get it. People that think the only way is the old way. It doesn’t mean they’re right (and if we’re keeping it real here, the old way hasn’t exactly moved the needle very far). We know there is plenty of opportunity out there to build shining examples of non-nonprofits—for-profit, mission-first ventures–and show the world that it’s possible.

We seek bold thinkers,
the innovative,
the risk takers.

You don’t have to limit your vision (or your sanity) by existing in a nonprofit framework.

We think there’s a better way.

And we intend to prove it.

Are you bored with your life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you never thought could be yours.
Dale Carnegie